Garment Processing Process

Clothing processing process, if you are a knitting clothing seller, to understand a prudent and orderly clothing processing process, more people can rest assured, today’s small editor for everyone to reveal the knitting clothing processing technology.
The main process flow is: raw material inspection → preparation process → clothing process → finished product inspection → packaging and warehousing
The testing and testing department shall take samples of the raw materials in time, and inspect the calibration linear density and evenness of the yarn. The yarn can be put into use only if it meets the requirements.

Garment processing process
Before knitting, most of the yarn is in the form of hank yarn, which needs winding process to make it suitable for knitting flat knitting machine. After knitting, some of the semi-finished garment pieces need dyeing process, and then enter the garment process after inspection.
According to the process requirements, the garment workshop will sew by machine or hand. According to the characteristics of the products, the garment process also includes the finishing processes such as napping, cashmere shrinking and embroidery. Finally, after inspection, ironing, finalization, retesting, sorting, grading and packing, warehousing.

Post time: Aug-25-2020