3D is the way of fashion design in the future

3D is the way of fashion design in the future
Industrial software and digital system have changed the operation mode of clothing industry design and development. The traditional manual work has been transformed into computer digital and intelligent operation. The two-dimensional style design software has changed the hand-painted design mode. In the future, fashion design will enter the 3D digital era, which will subvert the traditional mode of the whole clothing industry along the development mode of design, sample, fitting and show.
The popularization and application of 3D garment CAD and process sheet have improved the operation efficiency of the technical room. The design, grading, layout, process sheet and pattern management of the model are all completed by using intelligent software. The high efficiency operation is completed by combining the input and output automatic clothing equipment.
In addition, clothing enterprises have a dream: clothing can be produced according to the needs of customers, customers give higher value brand premium, at the same time, clothing enterprises do not keep any inventory, reduce the risk to the minimum, combined with intelligent customization system will make this dream come true.

“Integration of industrialization and industrialization” into future supply chain mode
The business process of garment enterprises is very complex and cumbersome. Many garment enterprises need to deal with hundreds of inventory units every day, and manage massive data such as style, structure and customer identification. In this highly complex management process, supply chain management, which is characterized by accurate forecasting, purchasing management, production planning and distribution management, is particularly important. In this supply chain, there are three levels: logistics chain, information chain and value chain.
Logistics chain is to realize the circulation of goods in the best way. Value chain is to increase the value of products in the process of logistics, and information chain is the guarantee of the realization of the first two chains. In the future, CAD, PDM / PLM, ERP, CRM software, electronic seal, Internet of things and RFID radio frequency identification technology, global positioning system, laser scanner and other equipment and technologies will be widely applied. Information technology will be widely used in all aspects of industrial production. Digitization will become the conventional means of industrial enterprise management, and realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking and monitoring of the supply chain And management.
The integration of industrialization and industrialization will be a powerful means to reduce costs and improve efficiency of supply chain in garment industry.

Cloud platform to create future clothing sales mode
According to the survey data of the Ministry of Commerce, the volume of e-commerce transactions in China is increasing by 20% every year. The increasingly outstanding online shopping websites and ubiquitous mobile shopping applications provide consumers with a novel and simple shopping mode. Cloud platform is becoming the future fashion sales mode.
When the vast majority of consumers are used to online shopping, retail stores are likely to become the exhibition hall of retail goods, providing only services for consumers to select and order products. More and more customers try on the products in the physical store and return to the online order to buy, in pursuit of better cost performance and service experience.
This model is somewhat similar to that of Apple stores. It redefines the role of retail stores – not only selling things offline, but also offline extension of cloud platform. It develops customer relationship, optimizes consumption experience and improves through collaboration

Post time: Aug-25-2020